Regular magazine articles, newspaper features and international media coverage has generated unprecedented consumer awareness of the CACI brand.


CACI International supplies to over 6000 of the world’s leading beauty salons, health clubs, destination spas and day spas.

25 years of CACI

About CACI International

CACI International is an award winning company with expertise in the beauty industry that spans two decades.

How it works - The science bit!

CACI uses micro currents which helps to tone, lift and re-educate the muscles back to their original position. The face has over thirty muscles that lie directly below, and are connected to, the skin’s surface. When these muscles are stimulated they either contract or expand. When these muscles are stimulated proper firmness is re-established by correcting the sagging muscle, which in turn corrects the sag of the skin. The treatment also stimulates blood circulation, which helps improve muscle tone and counteracts dryness.
Micro-mode also works on improving skin tissue. It softens lines and wrinkles and works to generally improve the skin’s texture and tone. CACI increases fibroblastic activity by up to 60% - fibroblast cells are responsible for producing collagen in the skin, this increase of fibroblastic activity is the reason that lines and wrinkles in the skin soften and reduce, and also rehydrates the skin giving dramatic improvements to skin tone and texture.

CACI treatment systems truly deliver visible and corrective results without the need for surgery or invasive procedures. The dramatic results achieved using our exclusive technologies has attracted an impressive celebrity following and created huge demand for CACI treatments.


CACI International is the largest U.K manufacturer and supplier of non invasive aesthetic treatment systems.

As the driving force behind the world acclaimed CACI non surgical facelift system, CACI International has built a reputation as an industry leader and innovator.


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Celebrities who use CACI facials to help them stay looking their best include Martine McCutcheon, Jennifer Lopez, Lisa Snowdon, Barbara Windsor, Gillian Taylforth, Cliff Richard and Dale Winton.


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