CACI Treatments

CACI Non Surgical Facelift

60 mins - £45

Course of 10  -  £390


This non-invasive treatment uses micro-current technology to lift, firm and retrain the face muscles. Skin tissue is improved by increasing cell energy by 500%, Collagen production by 60%, Elastin levels by 73% and product absorbtion by 30%. Lines and wrinkles are softened with use of the unique ETR (enhanced tissue repair) pads.

Add the wrinkle comb to this for £5 extra

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The CACI Ultimate Non Surgical Face Lift

120 mins - £70

Course of 10 - £525


This really is the ‘Ultimate’ of non-invasive facial treatments which will redefine facial contours, plump out deep wrinkles  whilst re-educating, firming and toning muscles.Using a combination of micro-dermabrasion with LED light to resurface and reduce pigmentation and /scarring. Micro-current to tone, lift and retrain muscles, the wrinkle comb to plump out lines – providing a needle free alternative to collagen injections, and finally completing the treatment with the Hydratone Gel Mask to rejuvenate and intensely hydrate the skin.

All treatments offer instant results, perfect as a one off

treatment for that special occasion or night out, however a course of 10 treatments and monthly maintenance treatments are

recommended to achieve optimum results.

By a combination of laser and micro-current to help fade pigmentation, smooth and hydrate the skin.

CACI Microdermabrasion with Light Therapy

30 mins - £35

Course of 10 - £315


A crystal-free skin resurfacing procedure, to achieve a clearer, smoother and brighter complexion.This deep exfoliation combined with red and blue light therapy will brighten and rejuvenate tired, lack of lustre and aging skin. The micro-pulses transmitted by the hand-piece massage the skin to provide a relaxing treatment, improving circulation and stimulating the formation of new collagen that firms and tones the skin tissue.  A perfect treatment to combat acne scarring, sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, stretchmarks and pigmentation.

Add the Anti Ageing Hand Treatment to this for just £7

CACI Hydratone Mask

20 mins - £20

Course of 10 - £175


This 20 minute treatment is a wonderful ‘pick-me-up’. The CACI Hydratone Gel Mask is infused with the powerful hydrating properties of Hyaluronic acid, Collagen and Rose Water. With the use of the hydratone roller the hydrating gel mask

becomes ‘charged’ so that the whole face is bathed in rejuvenating energy. Progressive results are achieved through a course of treatments but for optimum effect the Hydratone treatment works spectacularly when combined with the CACI Non Surgical Face Lift.

CACI Booster Treatment

60 mins - £45

Course of 10 - £405


This is the ideal treatment prior to a special occasion. Combining the resurfacing procedure of  micro-dermabrasion with the patented wrinkle comb to plump out and soften lines and wrinkles. The treatment is then finished off with the hydratone gel mask leaving the complexion smoother, brighter, rejuvenated and super hydrated.

Add the Anti Ageing Hand Treatment to this for just £7

CACI Non-Surgical Face Lift Plus Hydratone

90 mins - £57

Course of 10 - £510


Combining all the benefits of the Non-Surgical Face Lift with the hydrating and firming benefits of the Hydratone Gel Mask.  The facial contours are firmed, hydration levels of the skin are boosted and the complexion is left smooth and radiant with fine lines and wrinkles softened.

CACI Ultimate Eye Lift

30 mins - £25

Course of 10 - £225


This treatment is perfect for those suffering with dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles around the eye area.  It will eliminate waste and toxins leaving the eye area fresh and glowing and wrinkles plumped out.

CACI Wrinkle Revolution

20 mins - £20

Course of 10 - £180


This needle free alternative to collagen injections is a non-invasive procedure that effectively reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and requires no down time.  Using the application of the Amino-Lift Peptide Complex and delivering focused electrical light and stimulation into each targeted wrinkle stimulates fibroblast cells to naturally increase collagen and elastin production.

CACI Lip Plumping

60 mins (6 x 10 minute sessions) - £45                                             

The wrinkle comb’s specific wavelengths of light and high frequency electrical stimulation effectively plump out tissue, deep lines and wrinkles, and triggers tissue repair and healing.

CACI Anti-Ageing Hand Treatment


Course of 10 - £135

This treatment uses micro-dermabrasion to resurface the skin, focusing on age spots and sun damage, followed by a

combination of laser and micro-current to help fade pigmentation, smooth and hydrate the skin.

CACI Light Therapy Treatment


Course of 10 - £180


Using red and/or blue light therapy in conjunction with massage through the hydratone mask helps to:



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